Making your SaaS business a success is our mission.

Build your online business with our guidance and tools and reduce costs

Rapidly build cost efficient Saas products with open source tools

Future proof architecture

Creating  a solid architecture that makes your software easy to understand and future proof? We have the experience to help you create a rock solid architecture for your project.

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Rapid software development

Choosing the right tools and frameworks for your project isn’t always easy. Dexgrid can help guide your development team with getting all set up so that they are off for a smooth start.

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Cost effective

Let us help you host your software cost efficiently and securely in the cloud. With the right cloud architecture  you can run your SaaS business at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud hosting.

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Software development for your SaaS business

Looking for a component for your SaaS product? Consider outsourcing seperate components of your product. In modern software development where everything is compartmentalized it becomes easy to outsource the development of one facet of your product.

We’ll gladly help you to determine the requirements and give you a good quote on the development work.

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Build SaaS applications with the best characteristics:

User friendly

We create software that users love to use, making their day to day tasks  easier.

Designed for the web

Software that’s designed for the modern web, responsive and usable on any device.


Software should be fast so that it scales well and users are never kept waiting.


Software designed for reliability and high uptime. Quality is never an afterthought.

Build to scale

Smart use of modern cloud techniques allows software to scale quickly and reliably at low cost.


We believe in software that’s affordable for everybody, no matter what country you are from or how big your business is.