Open source analytics for your SaaS business

Good analytics are essential for every online business. Without good data from your analytics platform you are flying blind when it comes to your marketing strategy.

Traditionally most companies choose Google Analytics. There are however a few good reasons to host your own analytics solution. One of the main things being that you own the analytics data.

Today we’ll have a look at matomo. This open source analytics solution offers almost the same features as google analytics but is self hosted.

What are the main advantages of self hosting?

  • You own the data
  • It’s possible to import server log files
  • It’s customizable, you can add features at will
  • More stable platform
  • Great compliance with GDPR

Being in control of your own analytics platform of course comes with some disadvantages as well.

  • If you heavily rely on google ads google analytics offers better integration
  • You have to maintain the infrastructure by yourself

If you don’t rely on adwords and don’t mind hosting your own infrastructure Matomo is a good alternative. Setup is easy and the product offers quite a few nice features.

Getting started

The best option to host matomo is docker. This makes your installation easily portable across servers and simplifies making backups of your data. For more info on a docker setup:

The general installation instructions are available here: To import server log files into Matomo this guide is pretty useful:


Google analytics is still unbeaten in many ways, but self hosting offers great benefits as well. Matomo is a solid analytics platform that is definitely worth to have closer look at.

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